Sunday, April 18, 2010

Peer Response #3

Darius posted a blog, Real vs. Fake Food: Peaches, that talks about his own experience with fake food in the form of peaches. His experience is very similar to the experience I have talked about in my recent blog about pickles. Darius discusses how his mother used to buy him fresh peaches from the market, which are full of nutrients. This is the "real" version of the food. Now, he resorts to eating the canned version of this food, which is the "fake" version. This canned version is sweeter, with less nutrients. He eats this version because it fits easier with his college lifestyle. I can agree, it is harder to have fresh fruit around at college than it was at home. Also, the price is a factor. It is cheaper for canned peaches than real peaches, which makes a difference with the college budget. This version of peaches is a lot sweeter because of the way it is made and the syrup it is kept in. The sweetness can be a plus, especially because real peaches are not always in season. I agree with Darius when he talks about the reasons for why he eats the canned version over the real version. The real, fruit version is obviously better and I would try to eat that healthier version whenever possible. Especially with summer approaching, and the consistent Saturday farmer's market now open, I would take the extra time to go buy some fresh, non-processed fruit to enjoy.

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