Sunday, April 25, 2010

Peer Response #4

I found Esperanza's post about Sexual Education very interesting. I think this is a very important issue, but don't think it should be an issue. That might sound very naive, but I believe sexual education should be taught in school, no questions asked. Sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy are huge consequences for young people, and I think our schools should give the same informative schooling to everybody ensuring everybody learns it. Esperanza linked to an article that gives both view points. She summed up both views. The column in favor of sexual education discussed the importance to ensure everybody gets taught about the human body, to more of an extent than some parents are capable of. Also, sexual education is important in schools because some kids do not have stable families, or educated parents that will teach them. The column against sex ed in schools states its belief that teaching kids in schools would lead to misinformation and/or a higher risk of sexual activity.
I believe sex ed should be taught in schools, but parents should talk about it also. Parents have different beliefs and values that they want to instill on their children, which is great. The school systems stress the importance of knowledge, prevention, and safety. In the end, if schools teach sex ed, then we are making sure that everybody knows about safe sex. This is the most we can do to try to limit the amount of STDs and teenage pregnancy. I agree with Esperanza and I believe the best thing for our states is to supply sex ed in our schools. Knowledge is power.

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