Friday, March 5, 2010

Analysis of a Celebrity Endorsement

The 2010 Winter Olympics just wrapped up, but during this short time Vick's made use of the athletes' publicity by contracting Apolo Anton Ohno and Lindsey Jacobellis for their commercials. Apolo Anton Ohno, a successful olympic speed skater, endorses both nyquil and dayquil commercials. Nyquil and dayquil are made by Vick's and are cold and flu medicine that come in both liquid and tablet form.
I think Ohno is the perfect person to have endorse a product right now. He was recently very successful in the winter olympics, which was watched by large part of the population. Ohno needs to stay healthy at all times, especially when he is racing, so the commercials show him in his racing gear, or with his racing bags ready to go for the olympics. The commercials are trying to show that Vick's cold and flu medicine is keeping him healthy. This campaign is fairly new but I believe this could be very successful. I don't think it will have a long-term success rate, but I imagine it would be successful as long as the olympics are fresh in people's heads.


Here are his dayquil and nyquil commercials. This website talks about olympic endorsements and says Apolo Anton Ohno has already been successful in his endorsement deals. It also explains how it is harder for U.S. olympians that are not on a national team, like NFL or NHL, to receive corporate support because they do not compete as often as other athletes. The article also mentions olympians like Shaun White and Lindsey Vonn.

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