Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peer Response #2

In Lisa's blog, Real Food vs. Fake Food, she shares a story of when her parents started going on the Atkin's diet. Her parents went on the diet, and started to replace foods that are normally full of carbs, with substitute foods that lack carbs. Atkin's diet is when the carbohydrate intake is reduced in the diet in order to lose weight. Carbohydrates are a necessity and the some studies have shown that the Atkin's diet is not very healthy. Lisa goes on to talk about how her parents replaced spaghetti, which is full of carbs and starch, with a version that contains few carbs. She described the new, less-carb spaghetti as grainy, smelling like shoes, and an anvil in her stomach. Lisa said she would never eat the spaghetti again, and noticed many other foods her parents bought that were not in it's "real" form. The real form of food, in Lisa's case, were the foods that contained it's original nutrients, carbs, and starch. The foods her parents would buy contained artificial ingredients and some nutrients to replace the carbs that were taken out of it.
I whole-heartedly agree with Lisa. The food she described does not sound delicious. Eating should not be a painful process, and the spaghetti she described sounded painful. Lisa experienced first-hand the effects of "fake" food because her parents went through a diet that included many foods that were not in it's normal state. I agree with her arguments and I feel as if nobody should have to eat foods that are manipulated to reach a certain level for a diet.

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