Friday, March 5, 2010

Peer Response #1

I picked Daniel's blog about Brett Favre's hyundai commercial to write about. The celebrity endorsement he decided to analyze was Brett Favre endorsing hyundai cars. In this commercial, a 50 year-old Brett is shown getting the MVP award for the 2020 super bowl. Favre talks about how it is for hard for him to take orders from people being that old. Then he goes on to talk about possibly retiring. Hyundai makes fun of Brett Favre so they could go on to say that while Brett's future might be unknown, Hyundai promises to be there. Daniel talks about how this commercial could be successful and he found another blogger who enjoyed the commercial as well. I agree this commercial could be successful because the general public have been interested in Brett and his retirement fiascos. Hyundai does a nice job of contrasting themselves to Brett and describing themselves as reliable. Daniel gave a good description of the celebrity endorsement, while sharing his opinion on the commercial and it's possible success.

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