Monday, March 22, 2010

Demo Speech Self Eval

In my demonstration speech I showed the class how to use an erg machine. These motions directly correlate to the motions in rowing. This topic can be relevant to anybody who attends UW-Madison because we have very successful crew teams. Erging is also a very good workout, although most people do not know how to use the machine correctly.

From watching my speech, I think I could improve the informational content. The steps that I chose to convey are broken down and easy to follow. However, when I demonstrated them, I should have slowed down. I do not think I demonstrated the steps on the erg enough times for my audience to fully understand them. I believe I explained rowing in the best of my ability in the time allotted. There were a lot of questions at the end of my speech, but I suppose that is because rowing is a very unique and detailed sport, which some people do not know a lot about.

During my speech, it seemed as if my volume was loud enough and my eye contact was good. In the future, I would want to stand behind a podium or a table of some sort because my body language was not good. When I was speaking to the class and not demonstrating, I was not able to stand still. I changed my stance frequently, which made me look more nervous than I was. I think my enthusiasm for the topic was good; that sort of thing just comes across when you are passionate for a topic. My visual aids were also very relevant and effective in my speech. I don’t think everyone was able to see me demonstrate on the erg because of the tables in the class and next time I would move the tables. I would also make sure my video comes in clear next time, because it was blurry on the big screen.

I would choose this topic again because it is a big part of my life that I am passionate about. The only significant changes I would make are my stance and the clarity of my video. I do not think I would add anything. Below I added a link to my speech.

Rowing Demo Speech

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